Folk Architecture Tour 1.0 – Bellingham to Houston | 2.0 – Denver to Brooklyn


“Any town or city is always in a state of flux, its physical and social fabric transforming with shifts in demography and economy. This transformation, at the cusp of the forces of globalization, is happening in a more widespread and rapid manner, moving too fast to allow adaptation and therefore encouraging a direct grafting of an alien built environment into an ill-fitting context.”

“Modern Architecture has been anything but permissive: Architects have preferred to change the existing environment rather than enhance what is there.”

  • Learning from Las Vegas; The Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form
  • Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, Steven Izenour, 1977

“The American roadside today is more than a cacophony of the aesthetic howlings of competing enterprises – it is a visual museum containing dozens of exhibitions that mirror swings in the national mood.”

  • Main Street to Miracle Mile: American Roadside Architecture
  • Chester H. Liebs, 1985

“Art-architecture is the quintessential gesture of consumer culture, a commodity made for a passive customer… They can serve as intimations of the variety and range of human landscape in the United States, reminders that it cannot be explained by a single theory, accounted for by a single history, or controlled by a single profession or a single vision. It is our common property and we are the better for that.”

  • Architecture in the United States
  • Dell Upton, 1998



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