Folk Architecture Tour 1.0 – Bellingham to Houston | 2.0 – Denver to Brooklyn

Tour Funding

In August, 2009, I pitched my idea to the founders of, a creative endeavor fundraising website.  They accepted my project and invited me to utilize the site to advertise and accept pledges to support my journey. I set a goal of $5,000 with a deadline of October 16, 2009. In three months time over 100 generous and lovely souls pledged funds to the Folk Architecture Tour on, to the grand total of $5,134.

To all who have contributed to this preservation project thus far, your kind words of encouragement and pledges have meant more to me than can be expressed in words. The overall experience would be meaningless without the support of my gracious project backers.

Of course, there is always room for more tour love! Monetary contributions can be made to at PayPal.  Please contact me via email to suggest an in-kind donation.  Thanks!