Folk Architecture Tour 1.0 – Bellingham to Houston | 2.0 – Denver to Brooklyn

About the Folk Arch Tour

The purpose of the Folk Architecture Tour is to explore and document folk art structures, novelty architecture, and fading American roadside attractions. The first tour was a twenty day adventure that began in Bellingham, Washington, wound down the pacific coast, turned east, and concluded in Houston, Texas. The second tour began in Denver, Colorado and proceeded east, ending in Brooklyn, NY. The goal of these journeys is to gain an understanding of why people build these types of artistic architectural structures; how the local populations relate to these objects; and how these sites come together to tell a larger story about American life.

The tour sites have been chosen based on physical, cultural and historical significance.  My written thoughts, research, interviews and photographs will attempt to document the value of each individual site as well as the loosely bound architectural vernacular as a whole. I will translate this information into individual recommendations for the preservation of each site, and to inform the development of further preservation methods for America’s odd historical resources. Sometime in the future this information will be assembled into a book.